"Nae mony hae the flow o Scots or the wye wi werds you hae" - Sheena Blackhall

"Her poetry sings for me" - Stewart Conn

"The poems cry out to be read aloud......"

“what gives your poetry its liveliness is partly the sound of the words ---

the feeling of a living language.” Angus Dunn

“ a very distinctive voice---speech is energetic but also a delicate

lyrical voice--- a sense of performance --- displays humour ---

a nice handling of metaphor.” Donald Adamson

“has proved herself to be an authority on a Scots dialectical form of speech,

that has the proud distinction of being very much a language in its own right ---

on the accompanying CD her voice is well modulated to meet the varied nuances of

each piece, and lyrically attuned to the cadence in particular.” Bernard L Jackson